Semiconductor Materials Inc. opened its doors in the 1972 and has focused on manufacturing top quality diamond plated products from the start.  Our main goal is customer satisfaction and 100% total quality control which has been the main infrastructure of the corporation.  We at SMI value customer relationship and offer full technical support which has been the back bone of our organization.

We are committed to provide products and services that meet our customer’s requirements for quality, consistency and on-time delivery through total involvement of our employees and continual improvement of our Quality Management System in order to assure complete customer satisfaction.

All the above is accomplished using the latest available technology, much of which has been developed for our industry by Semiconductor Materials Inc and the industry leader in manufacturing techniques and procedures.

Our final goal is to offer our customers these superior diamond products at a substantial cost savings. We continue to strive for improvements daily in our quality system to assure our customers complete satisfaction with top quality diamond products.

  • Located at the Torrance manufacturing facility, Semiconductor Materials, Inc (SMI) produces patented Multi-layered diamond I.D. slicing blades,  Edge Grinding Wheels and variety diamond tools, which are specifically manufactured to maximize wafer yields in all types of semiconductor materials. Customers are located both nationally and internationally. In addition, SMI offers full technical assistance to maximize customer utilization of blades.  When determining the scope of its Quality Management System, SMI has considered its external and internal issues, the requirements of relevant interested parties along with the products and services of the organization. SMI is certified ISO 9001:2015

                                     Randall Boujikian                                 Kevin Coulter

                                          General Manager / ChEng.                              Production Manager