SMI- Diamond  Edge Grinding Wheels: 

SMI’s Multi-layer Virgin diamond Edge Grinding Wheels, are 100% pure electronically nickel-plated in 100% concentration and distribution.  We manufacture only the highest quality Edge Grinding Wheels for semiconductor wafers. We offer the widest range of sizes and shapes to meet all customer’s specifications and applications.

Available Sizes and Grooves: SMI manufactures many different Types of  Stainless Steel or Aluminum cores in O. D. = 1 ½”, 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”.

The most common Edge Grinding Wheel contour is the R type (Radius) followed by the F type (Flat w/2 Radius).  SMI is able to place up to 9 grooves of these shapes on its 6” and 8” single grit diamond wheels, and up to 8 grooves on its dual grit diamond wheels.

Diamond sizes available: Micron size: 15, 20, 28, 35, 50

Specification: SMI is capable of manufacturing products to very tight tolerances, which meet or exceed customer specifications. These include: Tolerances on radius of + .02mm, on half angles + ½ degree, and +- .004” on groove depth. Edge grinding wheels with circular runout of < .005”, side runout of  <.0001”, Flatness within .0002”, and shaft perpendicularity within .0005”