Dressing Stones:

Dressing…Why Dress? 

There are basically 2 reasons why the Diamond I.D. Slicing Blade should be dressed:

  1. Build-up of sludge and epoxy
  2. Uneven Diamond Wear

    In case #1 S.M.I. recommends a periodic dressing be performed to help maintain a free cutting surface due to unwanted build-ups of sludge and epoxies.  If this is not executed it may eventually load-up and cover diamond surface not allowing a free slice.

   In case #2 S.M.I. recommends a corrective dressing be performed to alter the deflection due to normal diamond wear.


 **Note:  Both cases mentioned above will show signs of blade deflection, wafer surface damage/variation, and is up to your discretion to determine which is the reason why and correct.


Types of Dressing Stones

  • Aluminum Oxide (white, type A320 HV) – this dressing stone is a non-aggressive type, and is used for cleaning of diamond surface, on all Mark III and Mark IV versions of SMI I.D. blades, without removing the diamond structure.

1” X 1” X 6”                                                                    ½” X ½” X 6”

  • Silicon carbide (green, type GC320 HV) – this dressing stone is a medium aggressive type for truing Mark III version, of SMI I.D. blades. It is also used for cleaning the diamond structure of Mark V versions.
  • Silicon Carbide (black, type C220 HV) – this dressing stone is an aggressive type and is used only, for “truing” or “removal” of all Mark V of SMI I.D. blades.